To share God's love and grace with everyone who comes in.

To provide a safe place where everyone is welcome to come.

To encourage people to come closer to God and each other.

The Purposes of The Crossing are to:

a) to share the love and grace of Christ within the community of Drouin encouraging people to draw closer to God;
 (b) to offer hospitality and a safe and welcoming environment for the Drouin community;
 (c) to bring Christians from various denominations together in productive service;
 (d) to be a source of encouragement, assistance and God’s unconditional love to those in need; 
 (e) to provide Christian resources and programs which encourage and equip people to follow Jesus. 

This is done by:

  1. Providing a safe place where people can find a listening ear over a drink or meal.

  2. Providing food parcels for people in need and occasional food bank fruit/vegies and bread items.

  3. Directing people to emergency accomodation if available.

  4. Directing people to other organisations if the Crossing is unable to help.

  5. Providing a facility which can be used by other organisations at the discretion of the committee of management.

  6. Providing experience in the workplace for people working for the dole.

  7. Providing nourishing meals for people in need every Wednesday & Thursday by donation and other low cost light meals

  8. Providing Christian resources for the community through our bookshop.

  9. Providing faith courses for the Community.

The Crossing currently has about 40 associate members and a steadily increasing number of people using the facilities.

The Crossing plays a unique and essential role in the Drouin community. It has been meeting the needs of people for over 25 years and continues to be a growing organisation with a vision for the future.

WANT TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER? Can you agree with the Mission Statement and Purposes above ?

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